PhDr. Ludmila Hlavinková



Zikova 6/604

Olomouc, 779 00 

Czech Republic


mob.:  (+420) 603 441 259




About us – LP-efekt Agency of education



     The agency is a private educational organization which offers and realizes its services in the field of education of adult people. In this field it has functioned from 1992.


The goal of agency's activites is to contribute to perspective system of education of adults and to rise of the workers´ capabilities in the region. The main effort is to offer the listeners a regular information service about changes in legislative, and to inform them about specific problems and possible solution to these problems.


     The participants of the seminars can meet several prominent specialists, legislative formers, authors of specialized publications and experienced lectors.


     The program offer is focused on protection of the particular components of environment (e.g. water service, waste management, air protection, chemical matters treatment, power engineering (especially heating industry), building industries but also business law, taxes, accountancy, personalistics, archival science and other (see contemporary courses and seminars).






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